PA 2013_The Station
The Station

The Station  /  車站

In 2013, I depicted several paintings about stations. These stations capsulated the sense of powerlessness in waiting.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer. Uncertainty occupied me and the experience of waiting in hospital, waiting for reports, etc. is still vivid. Enveloped in unpredictability, I recalled the moment that I took the ride in Space Mountain, Hong Kong Disneyland. The experience of waiting at the present was reflected in the waiting-free-experience in the past. By grouping materials across time, I introduced a mixed new context in my paintings where familiarity and strangeness are simultaneously present. A mixed atmosphere is depicted.

‘I took the ride three times in a single day at Space Mountain. It was on Wednesday. No Queues. No disturbances. No chaos.’ --- ‘Wednesday’s Station’

在 2013 年,我繪畫了數張描繪車站的作品,車站於我而言,寄存了等待的無力感。

母親當時確定患上癌症,我感到非常不安,在醫院等候以及等報告的經驗仍歷歷在目;在忐忑的心境下,我憶起了一則感覺相反但無關的經歷,那是在 Space   Mountain 玩過山車的片段,當時充滿等待的體驗被重置到無須等待的回憶中,不同時域的材料交錯下,我於畫中呈現這既熟悉又陌生的複雜情景。

「一天內,我在 Space Mountain 玩了三次過山車,那天是星期三,沒有排隊,沒有騷擾,沒有混亂。」--- 《星期三車站》


The Station


24 x 69.5 cm

Gouache on paper

Wednesday's Station


200 x 220 cm each, 3 panels

Oil on canvas