PA 2016_Fountain Hall
Entrance Hall

Fountain Hall / 噴泉廳


Fountain Hall depicts an imaginary space which ressembles an exhibition hall. There is a variety of exhibits about fountain, such as painting, installation and projection.


This series unfolds my memory with my mother visiting a park and gazing at the same fountain everyday. Despite the seemingly endless flowing water, I perceive such scene as a still image being unaffected by time. Extending from this visual experince, I aspires to capture the fleeting serenity and re-present the eternally static water.


The images of fountain capsulate the time when mom is by my side.




本作與一段個人回憶有關,2013 年年初,母親確定患上肺癌,隨著行動力日漸下降,母親每天僅能往住處附近的社區走動走動,其間我每天陪伴母親坐觀一座噴泉,噴泉本質循環不息,看來與其說是流動的水,不如說更像一幅靜止而永恆的圖畫。噴泉包含著時間性的影像驅使我創作《噴泉廳》,一個保存著我與母親共處的時空。


Fountain Steps


70 X 120 cm

Oil on canvas

Grand Fountain


150 x 120 cm

Oil on canvas

Fountain Gallery


130 X 130 cm

Oil on canvas

Neon Fountain


120 X 120 cm

Oil on canvas

Entrance Hall


35 X 50 cm

Acrylic on paper

Exhibition Hall


45 X 65 cm

Acrylic on paper

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