PA 2015_Along the Lane


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Along the Lane - Section Q

Along the Lane  /  道上滾球

Responding to thetheme about art production, I comtemplated the middle nature of ‘production’. Production lies between the beginning and the end. It becomes ambiguous when the course is detached as an isolated scene.

So as art production, its pureness is confusing. For example, many people may usually wonder ‘Who is art made for?’ and ‘Where would artwork goes to?. Thus art production itself is neglected from the discussion. Most of the artworks merely fall into the category of ‘fair’.

This work depicts an imaginary lane, where expressionless participators keep on putting spheroids to the line of rolling belt.





Along the Lane


Dimensions variable

160 x 120 cm

180 x 180 cm

150 x 120 cm

Oil on canvas

Close-up of Balls


Dimensions variable

32.5 x 14 cm

30.5 x 14 cm

30.7 x 14 cm

Chalk, charcoal, oil on paper

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