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About Sites  /  關於場域

I have painted quite a number of works about sites in 2014, including fitness centre, aquarium, cinema, theatre and etc. It was like a study of different boxes. In daily observation, I think every site has its unique atmosphere. This is related to what people do and how they behave in these spaces. So, it is something like scent which is intangible and fanscinating.

Extending the meaning of site, it might not be a physical space. As long as certain people and objects are connected, ‘site’ is formed as if backdrop and props are well placed on stage. One of the challenge in painting is about building these boxes.

2014 年間畫了好幾幅與場域有關的作品,包括健身中心、水族館、影院及劇院等,有點像撿出一個個盒子作研究似的。在日常的觀察中,我總覺得每個場所均有其獨特氣氛,這與人們的聚合和活動有關,因此這有如空間所散發的氣味,是無形卻相當吸引的一些東西。



Fish Documentary


120 x 120 cm

Oil on canvas

3D Cinema

- Where is Mr. Alien

3D 影院 - 外星人先生你在哪?

30 x 40 cm

Oil on canvas

Fitness Centre


150 x 80 cm

Oil on canvas

Big Fish Tank


150 x 80 cm

Oil on canvas

Performance - Session (A)

演出 - 場次 (A)

80 x 50 cm

Oil on canvas

Performance - Session (B)

演出 - 場次 (B)

80 x 50 cm

Oil on canvas

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